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The Hunger Gap

What is the Hunger gap? You might be surprised to know that every year, Britain experiences a brief period of what is known as the ‘Hunger gap’ (sometimes also called the ‘Hungry gap’) – typically between March to May. However, since modern food systems and supermarkets ensure that we have a continuous supply of various food, we never actually have to go hungry.     But back in the days when people didn’t have access to supermarkets, they had to get through these months relying on crops like potatoes and cabbage. This is because of UK’s geography – with a relatively high latitude, spring crops cannot be grown any earlier as it would be too cold. Also, by the time...

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How Tend is tackling food waste

In a world where millions of children go to sleep hungry, climate change is intensifying, and land and water is becoming increasingly scarce, we can't believe how much food is wasted each year. FInd out how Tend is turning the tide around and aims to be part of a solution to this issue.

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What is raw milk?

You might have noticed that on our market, we sell raw milk – but you might be hesitant to purchase it because, well, a lot of people don’t actually know what it is. In this article, we’ll be exploring what raw milk is, why it's different to standard supermarket milks, and its numerous benefits for both people and the planet.

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What is Regenerative Agriculture?

Hi there! Welcome to Series 2 Part 1, of Tend’s blog series on learning about the food system. In Series 1, we covered the key problems in our current industrialised food system – including topics such as animal welfare, environmental damage, and health implications.  Now, it’s time to shift our attention towards solutions. Each part of Series 2 will look at each of the viable alternatives in greater detail, so this article is just a quick-stop summary of those approaches.   Regenerative Agriculture 101 When it comes to a ‘sustainable food system’, we like to think of regenerative agriculture. This method of farming aims to build – rather than destroy; whether its ecosystem resilience, relationships with farmers, living standards for animals, regenerative agriculture is an attempt at...

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The Impacts of Our Food on Animal and Farmer Welfare

  As we’ve become increasingly disconnected from our food sources, we tend to forget about the people who grow them, as well as the welfare of the animals that we eat. It’s all too easy to neglect thinking beyond the supermarket portion of the food system that we see every day. Still, it’s time we reconnect with our food sources. In this article, we’ll be looking into the ethical issues surrounding animal and farmer welfare that stem from the current industrialised food system.   Animal Welfare How do we know the meat, eggs, or diary that we buy has been grown in consideration of animal welfare? Currently, the labelling of products as ‘free-range’, ‘organic’ or ‘Red Tractor’ certified is the...

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