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Organic Rib Roast on the Bone

Organic Rib Roast on the Bone

Limden Brook Organic

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The Rolls-Royce of roasting cuts. On the bone, the ribs serve as insulation from the harsh heat of the oven and provide anchorage for the meat that prevents shrinkage. Cooked from room temperature, in a hot oven, the outside will char beautifully with a decent layer of golden fat, and the inside will cook to perfection with a little rare meat for those who like it, and the entire joint will flood with deep savoury flavour from the internal fat. No other joint has all of these qualities which point to the perfect roast.

We roast ours for 4-5 hours depending on size in the oven at 110 degrees. Seering it in a pan and seasoning it with salt first helps with the flavour.

£23.40 per kilo. Serving suggestion 250g per person.

Item will arrive frozen for maximum freshness. All animals are slaughtered at a local abattoir 10 minutes away from the farm meaning they avoid long, stressful periods of transport and have the highest quality end-of-life.


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