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Trenow Fields

Trenow Fields near Penzance is an exciting new coastal 20-acre farm on land owned by the National Trust. We use permaculture and agroforestry principles to grow herbs such as lavender and novel field scale crops such as pulses, beans and grains. Our Market Garden is a 3/4-acre plot within the farm dedicated to essential veggies, salads and culinary herbs and is certified Organic in Conversion by the Soil Association. 

Our aim is for the farm to act as a beacon for others, showcasing how produce can be grown in a way that maximises biodiversity and soil health in deepest Cornwall. Some of the annual crops are sown in between alleys of trees (also known as agroforestry), which will not only provide shelter from the coastal wind but also will introduce substantial permanent roots. These roots can prevent soil from running down the hill when it rains, sequester carbon in the ground, and provide a more diverse and consistent habitat for wildlife. 

Fresh from Trenow Fields

Organic Mixed Salad Bag
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Organic Agretti
Sale price £3.70
Organic White Spring Onions
Regular price £2.20
Organic Cavolo Nero
Regular price £2.35
Organic Red Russian Kale
Regular price £2.30
Organic Curly Kale
Regular price £2.30
Organic Baby Courgettes
Regular price £2.30
Organic Bunched Beetroot
Regular price £2.40
Organic Chantenay Carrots
Regular price £2.55
Organic Baby Fennel
Regular price £2.60
Organic Courgettes
Regular price £1.95
Organic Shallots Zebrune
Regular price £3.85
Organic Hylander Onions
Regular price £2.90
Organic Setenta Red-Skinned Potatoes
Regular price £3.40
Organic Curly Parsley
Regular price £1.55
Organic Chives
Regular price £1.95
Organic Oregano
Regular price £1.70
Organic Rosemary
Regular price £2.30
Organic Sage
Regular price £2.30
Dried Wild Nettle Loose Leaf Tea
Regular price £4.25
Dried Organic Lemon Balm Loose Leaf Tea
Regular price £4.25
Dried Organic Alexander Seeds "Cornish Pepper"
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Dried Organic Calendula Flowers
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Dried Organic Chive Flowers
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