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Lettuce Mix

Living Soil Garden

Lettuce Mix

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Lettuce is the salad leaf par excellence. Our lettuce bags reflect the seasons but also the diversity of leaf shape, crunch, taste that characterise lettuces from different parts of the world.


Depending on the time of the year, you may find:

  • Freckles (an old Austrian heirloom variety with stunning colouration)
  • Lobjoits (a classic green cos variety, originally bred in Greece)
  • Little gem intred (with dark red leaves and a tinge of orange)
  • Grenoble Red (from France)
  • Marvel of four seasons (a sweet, vivid red buttery variety from Italy)
  • Maravilla de Verano (from Spain, green/brown, soft with really refreshing taste)
  • Optima (old and rare butterhead lettuce, with amazing texture and flavour)

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