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Organic Natural Live Drinking & Pouring Yoghurt

Organic Natural Live Drinking & Pouring Yoghurt

Court Lodge Organics

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There are lots of ways to enjoy this natural yoghurt! Pour on cereal, fruit or puddings or glug a glassful for a healthy snack, make your own smoothies and ices when fruit is in season, use as a salad dressing (alone or with added herbs, cumin or garlic), swirl a little into a steaming bowl of your favourite soup, make lassi drinks, blended with cold sparkling water & spices or fruit, use in breadmaking (ideal in naan), cakes, quiches, marinades and pasta, cool down a curry - for those who find a vindaloo too much—just add pouring yoghurt!

Certified organic by the Soil Association. The containers are widely recyclable, and the bottles are made with 50% post-consumer recycled plastic (rPET)

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